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08:00 Registration – MATCOS, StuCosRec
  Lecture room MP2   Lecture room MP1
  Chair: Miklós Krész   Chair: Iztok Jr. Fister
  MATCOS Student   StuCosRec National
09:00 Aleksandar Tošić.
Reverse logistics problem of waste disposal
  Primož Bencak, Dusan Fister.
Izdelava klaviatur MIDI
09:20 Damir Deželjin.
Using Write-optimized Data Structures in File systems - performance comparison: HDD vs. SSD
  Žiga Leber, Luka Horvat, Patrik Kokol, Marko Očko.
Zaznavanje plagiatov s pomočjo n-gramov
09:40 László Hajdú.
Community detection in directed networks
  Tilen Škrinjar, Matej Trop, Filip Urh.
Detekcija jezika v šumnih besedilih
10:00 Judit Szűcs and Péter Balázs.
Binary Image Reconstruction Using Local Binary Pattern Priors
  Gregor Jurgec, Iztok Fister.
Stiskanje slik z algoritmi po vzorih iz narave
10:20 - 10:50 coffee break
  Lecture room MP2   Lecture room MP1
  Chair: Janez Brest   Chair: Andrej Brodnik
  StuCosRec International-1   StuCosRec International-2
10:50 László Tóth. Greedy Heuristics for the Generalized Independent Cascade Model   Aleksandar Tošić, Matjaž Šuber. A GPGPU Implementation of CMA-ES
11:10 Iztok Jr. Fister, Uroš Mlakar, Janez Brest, Iztok Fister. A new population-based nature-inspired algorithm every month: Is the current era coming to the end?   Dušan Fister, Iztok Jr. Fister, Iztok Fister. Visualization of cycling training
11:30 Iztok Jr. Fister, Iztok Fister. Building visual domain-specific languages using the semiotic approach: A case study on EasyTime   Jani Dugonik. Weights Optimization in Statistical Machine Translation using Modified Genetic Algorithm
12:00 - 13:30 lunch time
  Lecture room MP2
13:45 Official opening of MATCOS and StuCosRec
14:00 Chair: Andrej Brodnik
  Sándor Fekete: Algorithms for robot navigation: From optimizing individual robots to particle swarms (gallery)
15:00 - 15:20 coffee break
  Lecture room MP2
  Chair: Miklós Krész
  MATCOS – Industrial and Medical Applications
15:20 Milos Subotic, Laszlo Palfi and Nebojsa Pjevalica. Customizing Hybrid Optimization for Microwave Tomography
15:40 Balázs Dávid. Schedule assignment for vehicles in inter-city bus transportation over a planning period
16:00 Csongor Gy. Csehi, Márk Farkas and Ádám Tóth. A self-bounding Branch & Bound procedure for truck routing and scheduling
16:20 Zsolt Mihály and Zoltán Lelkes. Improving flow lines by unbalance
16:40 Nándor Vincze, Zsolt Ercsey and Zoltán Kovács. Process Network Solution of a Soleplate Manufacturer's Extended CPM Problem with Alternatives
17:00 - 17:20 coffee break
  Lecture room MP2
  Chair: Sándor Fekete
  MATCOS – Algorithm design and evaluation
17:20 Pál Dömösi, József Gáll, Géza Horváth and Norbert Tihanyi. ON NIST test of a Novel Cryptosystem Based on Automata Compositions
17:40 Tomaž Dobravec. ALGator - An Automatic Algorithm Evaluation System
18:00 Lajos Győrffy, András London and Géza Makay. A Graph to the Pairing strategies of the 9-in-a-row Game
18:20 Andrej Brodnik, Vladan Jovičić, Marko Palangetić and Daniel Silađi. Construction of orthogonal CC-set
18:40 Matjaz Depolli, Janez Konc, Sandor Szabo and Bogdan Zavalnij. Usage of hereditary colorings of product graphs in clique search programs
19:30 - 21:30 conference dinner
  Lecture room MP2
  Chair: Gerhard Reinelt
  MATCOS – Algorithms & Optimization
09:00 Imre Gera, Balázs Bánhelyi and András London. Testing the Markowitz Portfolio Optimization Method with Filtered Correlation Matrices
09:25 József Békési and Gábor Galambos. Tight Online Bin Packing Algorithm with Buffer and Parametric Item Sizes
09:50 Elena Fernández, Gilbert Laporte and Jessica Rodríguez Pereira. A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for the Multi-Depot Rural Postman Problem
10:15 Gyorgy Dosa, Hans Kellerer and Zsolt Tuza. Team Work Scheduling
10:40 - 11:00 coffee break
  Lecture room MP2
  Chair: Ervin Gyori
  MATCOS – Graph Theory
11:00 Miklós Dezső and Gyula Y. Katona. The vertex sign balance of (hyper)graphs
11:25 Kristof Berczi, Zoltan Kiraly, Changshuo Liu and István Miklós. Packing tree degree sequences
11:50 Sandor Szabo and Bogdan Zavalnij. Benchmark problems for exhaustive exact maximum clique search algorithms
12:15 Bela Csaba and Balint Vasarhelyi. On embedding degree sequences
13:00 - 14:30 lunch
  Lecture room MP2
  Chair: Rok Požar
  MATCOS – Algorithms Complexity
14:30 Dries Goossens, Bart Vangerven and Frits Spieksma. Computational complexity of the winner determination problem for geometrical combinatorial auctions
14:55 István Miklós and Adrienn Szabó. Diploid Genome Rearrangement
15:20 Saša Pekeč. Allocation and Pricing on a Network in Presence of Negative Externalities
15:45 David Podgorelec and Denis Špelič. Incremental 2-D nearest-point search with evenly populated strips
16:10 - 16:30 coffee break
  Lecture room MP2
  Chair: Gábor Galambos
  MATCOS – Miscellaneous
16:03 Jurij Mihelič, Uroš Čibej and Luka Fürst. Exploratory Equivalence on Hypercube Graphs
16:55 Ervin Gyori and Tamas Mezei. Partitioning polyominoes into polyominoes of at most 8 vertices, mobile vs. point guards
17:20 Dávid Angyal and Benedek Nagy. On Linear Grammars with Exact Control
17:45 Petrus H. Potgieter. Some computable functions without Brouwer fixed-points
  Lecture room MP2
18:10 - 18:20 MATCOS 2016 Closing